Another Bullpen Arm

Word is the Yankees have traded for Shawn Kelley of the Mariners. Abe Almonte heads to Seattle and A-Rod heads to the 60-day DL to make room for Kelley.

Kelley has an option, so he is probably nothing more than bullpen depth at this point, but it is a decent move. Kelley has shown an ability to strike people out in the bigs and he has been surprisingly tough on lefties (he is a righty). His flyball rates could get him into trouble, but Almonte probably is never going to make the majors as anything more than a fill in defender.

The Yankees have some interesting bullpen choices. Assuming health we can put the following names in ink: Rivera, Robertson, Chamberlain and Logan. Clay Rapada  and Caesar Cabral will probably battle in out for the second lefty job.  Rapada is out of options, but Cabral is a Rule 5 pick who would have to be returned to the Red Sox if he doesn’t make the major-league roster. (Though since he was hurt last year he could be put on a 30-day rehab firdt. The loser of the Phelps vs. Nova competition could go to the pen, but could also go to the minors as they both have options. David Aardsma doesn’t have any options left, but Cody Eppley does and they figure to both be battling for a spot.

Considering the strength of the group and the depth of the group, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Yankees trade a reliever for another need. Pure speculation, but if Rapada picks up where he left off and Cabral has a great camp like he did in 2012, Boone Logan gets traded because he will be a free agent after 2013. We shall see.