Peavy to Boston

Jake Peavy is coming to Boston and Jose Iglesias is headed to Detroit, or so say reports. The Red Sox need a starter and with Clay Buchholz only willing to pitch when he is 100%, Peavy comes at just the right time.

It is sad to see Iglesias go but I’d much rather lose him than say Jackie Bradley Jr. or Zander Bogaerts.

Peter is right, I have fled Massachusetts and am staying on a small island in Maine, but my WordPress app has come in handy.

Not sure the Red Sox will make any other moves before this trade deadline, I doubt they will.

Some additional notes: Peavy is signed through 2014 and has a player option for 2015. So the Red Sox are willing to add payroll not just for this year but beyond but not at the expense of top shelf prospects.

Iglesias is a nice player but Bogaerts is bearing down on the shortstop position and clearly offers an exponentially lift offensively over Iglesias. If Will Middlebrooks can’t contribute at the major league level then this move does leave a whole, next year, on the left side. For this year, Drew and Brandon Snyder will man the left side. Makes me think Middlebrooks will get called up again or Brock Holt.

Of course it might mean Bogaerts gets called up but I think he really could use more time at AAA.