Alex Rodriguez

Last Laugh

If only Ryan Dempster was as good at winning as he is hitting people.  Actually wait, it took him 2 tries to really hit A-Rod (or 4 if you think pitches 2 and 3 were meant to hit him), so perhaps he isn’t good at either.  Dempster was signed in the off-season to add quality depth to the Red Sox rotation.  A 2-year deal at $13.25 per season, it was a good signing I thought at the time.  Yes, pitching in the AL East is different from other divisions but I figured he’d be a helpful component to this team.

Dempster did last night what I think many players in baseball have been wanting to do.  Fine, hit the guy, but then, please go out and finish the task at hand.  A-Rod came back to make Dempster look silly.  Not only did Dempster allow A-Rod to score after hitting him, he later gave up a home run to him.  Look, I don’t like A-Rod and the fact he is playing right now is a joke, but these are the cards that have been dealt and Dempster has to remember that PEDs or not, A-Rod is talented.  No one knows just how talented he really is as we don’t know when we are watching a clean A-Rod vs. a PEDed A-Rod, but he can hit and is always going to be at worst an above average player.

Dempster has a 4.77 ERA now and 6-9 record.  That’s not good enough and if Dempster is going to go out and make a statement like he did last night, he HAS to back it up.  Terrible outcome.  Horrible loss.

I will say that last night’s game was interesting and certainly reminiscent of Red Sox v. Yankee games of old.

The $45-Million Question

Who comes back and plays for the Yankees first in 2013- Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez?

This is now a legitimate question because Derek Jeter has another ankle fracture and won’t be back until after the All-Star Break at the earliest. He took about four months off to heal the original fracture and didn’t really do much for a month after that, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for a July return.

So, Eduardo Nunez is now the everyday shortstop and the Yankees are going to find out if that is a good thing or a bad thing. On the good side, Nunez is playing a lot better defensively this year. On the bad, his bat hasn’t done anything. (Small sample size in both cases.) The problem is, if Nunez flops then what? Nix isn’t going to hit more than Nunez and Gil Velazquez (Scranton’s SS) is a career minor-leaguer who has .246/.308/.329 in 16 seasons in the minors. I don’t think there is any good answer at this point so the Yankees will just have to make do as they have been so far this season.