Wang’s Done

It’s official, Wang is out for the year.  As the article speculates, this could also be the end for Wang as the Yankees are very likely to non-tender him at this point. 

That’s a discussion for another day, for now the Yankees really need to come up with a new starter.  Mitre is a time bomb.  Joba is almost out of innings. 2-1/2 days until the deadline, what is Cash up to?

The Joba Math

The Yankees have 67 games left and that means Joba would be expected to start 13 more times this season.  Considering he has already thrown 95 innings, that would put him way over his suspected innings limit of 140. 

So, what exactly is the Yankees’ plan here?  If they want to keep him around 140 innings, they can probably only let him start 5 more times before pulling him out of the rotation and putting him back in the bullpen.  I have three theories as to what they are doing.

1- Either Aceves or Hughes will start to transition back to the rotation soon and take Joba’s place with Joba heading back to the pen.  The problem with this theory is that it would have been simple to keep Aceves starting over the past few weeks and I can’t believe they are suddenly going to reverse course again.  Which leads me to theory 2….

2- The Yankees had a plan at the start of the year which was to open with Joba in the rotation and Hughes in the AAA rotation.  Pitch Joba until he gets close to his innnings limit and then bring Hughes up to fill his role.  If one of the other starters got hurt you still had Aceves and Kennedy in AAA waiting to help out.  Sitting here on July 24th, the Yankees haven’t figured out what to do now that this plan is blown out of the water.  The problem with this theory is why would they have swapped Aceves back to the bullpen if this was true?

3- We are totally misreading this innings limit issue.  The Yankees used the number 140 last year, they haven’t said a number this year and our guesses are way off and they intend to use him for 160 or 170 innings.  The problem with this theory is that the Yankees are very conservative with pitchers and they know the research shows you are risking injury if you jump a pitcher by more than 30 innings a year.  Joba pitched 112 innings in 2007 and 100 in 2008, would they really jump him up to 160 knowing that? 

So, three theories and three problems with them.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.   

CF Swap

Mark Feinsand of the Daily News is reporting that the Yankees are going to trade Melky Cabrera to the Milwaukee Brewers for Mike Cameron.

From Feinsand:

"Cameron, a former Met, hit .243 with 25 HRs and 70 RBIs in 120 games last season. He will earn $10 million in 2009."

Sabathia a Yankee

Or at least Joel Sherman of the NY Post says so.

Free Agent Crystal Ball

Here are Andy and Peter’s predictions for where the Top-10 free agents will end up.  As always take this with a grain of salt.  (We used Keith Law’s rankings on ESPN.com to determine the list) 

For the top free agent, Mark Teixeira, we both see him returning to the California Anaheim Orange County Greater Los Angeles Area Angels.  The Yankees and Red Sox remain possibilities, but remote ones.

Andy – Angels

Peter – Angels

Both of us agreed again on CC Sabathia ending up with the Yankees.  Money talks and the Yankees clearly are going to spend it here.

Andy – Yankees

Peter – Yankees

And we were in agreement on Manny Ramirez returning to the Dodgers.  Manny will definitely take the highest check, we just couldn’t see any other team giving him that.

Andy – Dodgers

Peter – Dodgers

Our first difference of opinion came on AJ Burnett.  Andy sees him heading to Texas noting that Texas always seems to make the wrong move with pitching.  Peter sees him heading back to Toronto, just with a bigger check in his pocket.

Andy – Rangers

Peter – Blue Jays

We agreed again on Derek Lowe with both of us seeing him heading back to Boston.

Andy – Red Sox

Peter – Red Sox

On the subject of Rafael Furcal we both saw him heading to the Bay Area, just to different teams.  Peter saw him heading to the Giants and Andy had him heading to the A’s.

Andy – A’s

Peter – Giants

Adam Dunn also divided out opinion with Andy sending him to Toronto and Peter seeing the Nationals getting him.

Andy – Blue Jays

Peter – Nationals

For Ryan Dempster we both saw him heading back to the Cubs, but with the proviso that if they trade for Jake Peavy, they won’t make the move.

Andy – Cubs

Peter – Cubs

While Andy sees Milton Bradley returning to Texas, Peter has him going to Toronto.

Andy – Rangers

Peter – Blue Jays

And that brings us to the final player, Oliver Perez.  Andy has him returning to the Mets while Peter swallowed hard and predicting that Perez will be a Yankee next year.

Andy – Mets

Peter – Yankees

What do you think?   

Thanks TBS

You really have to hand it to TBS and their "router failure" last night, what a joke.  Maybe it failed because it saw one thousand too many "Frank TV" ads?  (Side note, I love Frank Caliendo and think he is one of the most talented comedians out there, but I am not going to watch his show out of spite at this point.  There is such a thing as overkill and TBS has gone way, way over that line with these promos.)

The oddsmakers have favored the Red Sox tonight by 1-1/2 runs, which makes sense.  At this point, momentum and everything else are on the Boston side and it would be very surprising if Tampa pulls this out.  You know they are going up there thinking "we were seven outs away from winning this thing" and that is not going to help them in tight spots tonight.  (Side note #2, for those of you thinking I am rooting against the Red Sox, I am not, I really want both teams to lose I just can’t figure out how to make that happen.  Whatever happens tonight, go Phillies!)  At least the playoffs have finally giving us a compelling game.  The first round was pretty bad and the NLCS was miserable.  We have a real series here and as a baseball fan I am thankful (again see side note #2). 

In off the field news, Joba Chamberlain was pulled over for a DUI.  Joba isn’t talking and the Yankees aren’t talking which is absolutely the wrong approach to take at this point.  Driving around with an open container of alcohol in your car shows a blatant disregard for others.  We keep hearing stories about Joba and his Dad and what a good job his Dad did raising him, well time to walk that walk.  This may just be a dumb mistake, but it is a terrible example to kids and Joba needs to step up and admit it and apologize for it. 

Anyway, enjoy the game tonight, should be interesting to say the least. 

UPDATE: Joba has apologized, good for him.  

Cash Is Back

Great news, the biggest question off the offseason has now been answered, our GM is back.  Now we can focus on the business of baseball.  My plan is to spend the next couple of days going though 40-man roster and giving a thumbs up or down on who should return.  The Yankees have a number of free agents and some prospects in the minors who will need to be protected.

What do you think, are you happy Cash is back? 

This Was Pretty Cool

I have followed Pat Venditte since last year when the Yankees drafted him in the 45th round and I was happy to see that they selected him again this year after he returned to school.  He is an ambidextrous pitcher, like Greg Harris, but unlie Harris, the Yankees appear willing to let him throw from both sides as evidenced by this story.  (They actually showed this on the news the other night and it was hysterical to watch)

It’s a long way from Staten Island to the majors, but Venditte will be fun to follow.  Note to self, time to go to a SI Yankees game. 

Duncan Down/Gonzalez Up

The Yankees sent Duncan to the minors today which is a long-overdue move.  Duncan wasn’t doing the team any good and maybe he can find his stroke again back in Scranton.

In other news, Albie is out for the season which is too bad and Phil Hughes won’t be back until August at the earliest. I know it is getting ahead of the game, but the 2009 Yankees rotation currently has Joba and Wang in it and then three big question marks.  Even if Hughes comes back in August, he is going to not come close to 100 innings pitched this year.  That means he is going to be capped next year and depending on when Kennedy gets back, he may be too.  

Lastly, RIP Tim Russert.  You brought class and dignity to an ugly arena and you will be sorely missed. 

Good News

Scroll way down in this piece, but according to Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees are aggressively shopping LaTroy Hawkins with the idea of bringing up Cox.

I know everyone who reads this blog will be excited to hear that news.