Cash Is Back

Great news, the biggest question off the offseason has now been answered, our GM is back.  Now we can focus on the business of baseball.  My plan is to spend the next couple of days going though 40-man roster and giving a thumbs up or down on who should return.  The Yankees have a number of free agents and some prospects in the minors who will need to be protected.

What do you think, are you happy Cash is back? 

This Was Pretty Cool

I have followed Pat Venditte since last year when the Yankees drafted him in the 45th round and I was happy to see that they selected him again this year after he returned to school.  He is an ambidextrous pitcher, like Greg Harris, but unlie Harris, the Yankees appear willing to let him throw from both sides as evidenced by this story.  (They actually showed this on the news the other night and it was hysterical to watch)

It’s a long way from Staten Island to the majors, but Venditte will be fun to follow.  Note to self, time to go to a SI Yankees game. 

Duncan Down/Gonzalez Up

The Yankees sent Duncan to the minors today which is a long-overdue move.  Duncan wasn’t doing the team any good and maybe he can find his stroke again back in Scranton.

In other news, Albie is out for the season which is too bad and Phil Hughes won’t be back until August at the earliest. I know it is getting ahead of the game, but the 2009 Yankees rotation currently has Joba and Wang in it and then three big question marks.  Even if Hughes comes back in August, he is going to not come close to 100 innings pitched this year.  That means he is going to be capped next year and depending on when Kennedy gets back, he may be too.  

Lastly, RIP Tim Russert.  You brought class and dignity to an ugly arena and you will be sorely missed. 

Good News

Scroll way down in this piece, but according to Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees are aggressively shopping LaTroy Hawkins with the idea of bringing up Cox.

I know everyone who reads this blog will be excited to hear that news.   

Kennedy Gone, Igawa Next?

The Yankees have optioned Ian Kennedy down to make room for Rasner.  Since Kennedy has to stay in the minors for 10 days (unless the Yankees have an injury) it is safe to assume that he is out of the rotation right now and Igawa is probably going to take his place.

It’s hard to argue with the move because Kennedy is a mess right now.  The Yankees can send him to Scranton and hopefully he will find his control.  The problem is Iggy, I just don’t trust the guy but I don’t think the Yankees have many other options right now in Scranton.

I am still trying to figure out why Dave Eiland has the reputation of being great with the young pitchers.  I haven’t seen much from him so far. 

Looking For A Laugh?

This won’t be funny if you are a Giants fan, but Jason Stark had an interesting chat on ESPN.com yesterday.  He debated which free agent signing was worse, the $121 million deal Mike Hampton signed or the $126 million deal Barry Zito signed. 

It took all of two questions for someone to bring up Carl Pavano and Stark even says in the chat that he was "flooded" with Pavano questions.  As he correctly points out, Pavano’s deal doesn’t compare to these two.  Anyway, it’s an interesting piece.

A Happy Ending

As I mentioned before, the Yankees sent the infamous "buried jersey" to the Jimmy Fund for auction.  It is for sale here.  Since it is already up to $30,000 it is about $29,990 out of my price range, but I hope people keep bidding it up and up, it’s for a wonderful cause. 

I Don’t Think This Is The Only Thing He Has Lied About….

Check out this story.  I love the line about "wanting to unburden" himself, that’s cute. 

Help Me Out

As we await the end of the rain (soon) and I watch the Masters, can anyone justify the decision to pitch to Manny in the sixth inning with first open?  Considering that Manny had already homered off of Mussina and he hit .392/.475/.686 against Yankees’ pitching last season it seems pretty stupid.  Anyone got a good reason for it?



My Annual Schedule Rant

For those of you familiar with this site, you have read something similar before.  For those of you who are not, read on. 

Why does MLB insist on scheduling games in cities with lousy weather in late March and skip scheduling games in cities with great weather?  To wit…

Why is Arizona traveling to Cincy?

Why did Toronto travel to the Yankees?

Why do the Royals go North to Detroit?

Why is Tampa playing in Baltimore?

Why are the Rangers playing in Seattle?

Why are the Astros and Padres playing each other?  Why are the Giants and Dodgers and Angels and Twins doing the same? 

I am just wondering, why does MLB keep insisting on forcing games into bad weather sites?

End of rant, thanks for listening.