Good Idea!

The Yankees have smartly flexed their financial muscles and given Luis Severino a four-year contract with an option for a fifth year. The deal buys out all four years of Severino’s arbitration process (he is a Super-2 player) and, if the option is exercised, a year of free agency. It will also keep Severino in pinstripes for his 20’s.

These are the kinds of deals the Yankees should absolutely be making with their younger players. Severino is entering arbitration and had asked for a figure just north of $5-million with the Yankees countering for just over $4-million. Assuming he pitched like last year again this year, he would have been asking for a lot more than the $10-million he will get in 2020 and 2021. (Trevor Bauer just got $13-million in his second year of arbitration) Now the Yankees should look at some other young guys on the roster where this would make sense. Torres and Judge come to mind, but they could also try to buy a couple of years of free agency from Hicks, Didi or even Betances. As we have seen time and again, it is so much better to stick with the guys you developed than to fish in the free agent pool.