The Yankees have signed Adam Ottavino to a three-year/$27-million deal.

I like Adam Ottavino. He’s a local kid who has done pretty well. I mean really local, with a decent drive, you could hit his elementary school from my front door. But, I don’t like this signing. For one thing, it’s a risky deal for a guy who has control issues. And, he has a lower ERA on the road than at home, which is odd for a guy who typically pitches in Colorado. I also don’t like that this is a homecoming. That doesn’t always work out well as players put extra pressure on themselves.

Beyond those things, is this the best way to spend money? The Yankees now arguably have five guys who can close games. I get the strategy, but that almost guarantees the Yankees will once again have 13 pitchers, which in turn means 12 hitters, which in turn creates a problem- 3 bench players. One is obviously Romine, and Matthieu is another, but who is the third? Unless they are going to eat the money left on his deal, that would have to be Ellsbury. That means the loser of the first base competition has no spot on the roster, neither does Frazier or Wade.

I get what the Yankees are thinking. Ottavino gives them another pitcher to use in high-leverage scenarios and more protection if Chapman and Betances leave after the season. I just don’t think it is the best use of the money or roster spot.