It’s Quiet

Not surprisingly, Noah Syndergaard is still a Met. More surprising, Andrew MCCutchen got a three-year/$50-million deal from the Phillies. The Yankees clearly made a shrewd move signing back Gardner for one year at $7.5-million in this market. We have heard a bunch of rumors about the Yankees, but for now nothing much is happening. Let me run down some of the rumors out there now.

The Syndergaard trade was supposedly going to cost Andujar as the big piece, but no word on what else.

I still don’t buy it Syndergaard isn’t coming to the Bronx and I also saw Buster Olney saying Happ has multiple two-year offers and seems content to wait until a team gives him three, so if the Yankees were trying to get him to decide, it failed.

Someone pointed out that the logjam in the meetings probably comes from a standoff between Harper and Machado’s agents. Neither wants to see the other get a better deal. Not sure how that gets resolved.

The Yankees were apparently never close to getting Corbin because his agent told them the starting bid was 6/126 and they said no thanks. Good for them for sticking to their plan.

The Red Sox are said to be looking to cut payroll, maybe by trading Porcello. Makes sense as they are probably right at the threshold for the biggest luxury tax penalties, including seeing their draft pick drop ten spots.

Craig Kimbrel wants six years. Good luck with that!

That’s all for now. Remember that the meetings are in Vegas, so plenty could happen tonight after all of the East Coasters like me are in bed. Back tomorrow.