Must Win

Aaron Boone has taken a real beating in the press the last 24 hours, I wonder if it will affect him tonight? Specifically, how long does he stay with Sabathia? I expect the answer to that is two times through the Red Sox lineup. Sabathia has held opposing teams to an OPS under .700 in those instances, but he has surrendered an OPS over .900 the third time through the order. His pitch count stats don’t show much fluctuation, so I think that Boone will be looking for him to face 18 batters and get out of the game.

That leads to the question of where that puts the game situation-wise. It won’t be six clean innings and based on his 2018 stats, we should expect him to get around 14 outs from those 18 batters, so the Yankees probably go to the pen in the fourth. I expect Boone doesn’t try to use a starter in that spot this time, but I could see Tanaka starting the fifth or sixth, depending on how things go.

Two lineup changes as the Yankees look to load the lefties into the lineup. Hicks is back in CF, with Gardner moving to left and McCutchen to the bench. Walker is starting at 3b with Andujar going to the bench. The Andujar decision is an interesting one because he actually hits righties much more effectively than lefties, but I guess his defense is the problem. This would have been a great spot to try Tyler Wade, but that ship has sailed.