Trouble Ahead

The Astros completed their sweep of Cleveland today and now will wait to find out if they are headed to Boston or staying in Houston for Game 1 of the ALCS. They can rest up, set their pitching however they want and get ready. They will be a huge challenge to overcome for either NY or Boston.

But we can’t worry about that right now, Game 3 is almost here and Boston has made a bunch of changes. First, Eovaldi gets the ball tonight instead of Porcello. Eovaldi has pitched well at Yankee Stadium and especially well against the Yankees since joining Boston. In addition, they are switching their catcher, second baseman, and third baseman in tonight’s lineup.

Sevy will have his work cut out tonight. The Yankees really need to get more length from him than they did last week, at least five innings and ideally more. Sabathia will be starting tomorrow, so the fresher the bullpen, the better. And let’s hope this foggy drizzle that’s been hanging over the City most of the day is gone by game time. Rain delays would not be good.