As I write this the only suspense left is what the final score will be when the Red Sox take a 2-1 lead in this series. Aaron Boone has had one of his worst games at the absolutely wrong time.

Don’t get me wrong, I support what must have motivated Boone’s thinking. He needed outs from his starter tonight to keep his bullpen in play for tomorrow. That makes a lot of sense, but the visual evidence screamed for a different approach. The Red Sox showed they were not fooled a bit by his pitches with two almost home runs in the first. In the second, a lucky bounce got them a run after more hard-hit balls and in the third all the Sox did was hit balls with authority, and they ended up with two more runs. This was the point where Boone needed to ditch the game plan, Severino wasn’t going to go much further, and down 3-0 you couldn’t worry about tomorrow’s game.

That should have led to one of two different decisions. The first would have been bringing Lynn in to conserve the bullpen and start an inning like he usually does. The second would have been to bring Green in and turning things over to the bullpen fully. Boone tried to avoid both calls and muddle through with Severino and it was a spectacular fail. Boone will be asked about it after this abomination ends, but there are no good answers.