A wise YankeesRedSox.com writer once wrote:

Price owns a 5.12 career postseason ERA. That’s not what you are hoping for with your ace.

That was November 24, 2015.

Well, Price’s post-season ERA has gotten worse since then and tonight was a perfect summary of his career as a pitcher.  When there’s nothing on line, Price is your man.  When there’s something on the line, Monster and Bleacher seat fans, wear your helmet and cup.

Now I’m ok with being a lousy pitcher, but don’t be a grade a jerk when asked about it.  Price is the guy who gives nasty answers to long-time WBZ Red Sox beat writer Jonny Miller and who embarrassed Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley on a team flight last year, all because he thought Eckersley was being unfair to a Price teammate.

Jackie Bradley looks bad too, if you click that link, he of the career .466 post-season OPS.

Sorry, that was a tangent.  Back to Price.  He has folded and left the Red Sox again in a brutal post-season spot as I write this in the 4th inning of game 2.

But I can criticize Price all day long when the real criticism should be saved for Dave Dombrowksi.  He signed Price 3 years ago and did nothing to help the bullpen this year and whose Achilles heel has always been the bullpen.  Why John Henry made Dombrowski GM/President is beyond me.  Dombrowski has spent his team’s money while always cleaning out the farm system (Keith Law ranks them 24th, MLB 25th, Bleacher Report 27). I could do that, no?  Spend money, deplete the farm system?  That sounds easy.

Recall that Dave traded the number one pitching prospect in baseball for…grab some popcorn for this, Drew Pomeranz.

Time for me to wrap up my ramble. Price has been a terrible pressure situation pitcher and Dave Dombrowski has won 1 World Series since becoming a GM in 1988.  The law of averages suggest, especially when working for big market teams, that he’d have won more than that.

Enjoy the traffic free ride home tonight David Price.

I write this from Keene Valley, NY, deep in the Adirondacks, where I’ve listened/watched many a Red Sox post-season game.