They Made It

The AP is reporting that the Yankees have come in under the luxury tax. This means that they have reset their tax rate and would pay 20% next year on any payroll amount between $206 and $226 million. (Here’s how the whole thing works if you are interested.)

The Yankees will have a bunch of really interesting decisions to make in the coming months. Do they try to buy out arbitration years from some of their young stars? Do they seek a big free agent? We won’t know until we see how the season ends and while the panic alarm keeps getting louder, it is worth remembering that the Yankees are pretty much where we thought they would be a month ago- heading to the wild card game. With Judge hitting baseballs again and Chapman rumored to be returning next week, things should look a bit brighter soon. Plus, the two closest teams to them in the wild card face each other over the weekend.