A Tale of Two Leagues

While the AL West has become a hot playoff race with three teams fighting it out, the Al East and Central are essentially clinched. It pains me to say it. But the real action this year appears to be in the National League.

Today’s standings show that none of the division leaders has a lead of more than 3-1/2 games, and the top-eight teams are all within five games of each other in the standings. In fact eleven of the fifteen teams in the league are within 7-1/2 games of a playoff spot We could really be headed for an epic finish.

And while parity reigns in the NL, the AL is top heavy. Seattle, which would be leading two divisions in the NL is the only current non-playoff team in the AL within even 11 games of a playoff spot. Essentially you have six great to very good teams- Boston, Cleveland, Houston, New York, Oakland, and Seattle, and 9 mediocre to absolutely wretched ones. That should make it very hard for teams to gain ground on each other, as the good ones will usually be playing the bad ones, but also magnify the importance of series where the good teams face off like this week when we see Boston face Cleveland and the Mariners face Houston.

So buckle up, only six weeks left until the end of the regular season.