Is This The End?

The Yankees announced today that Jacoby Ellsbury had surgery to repair a torn labrum yesterday, he will need six months to recover from the operation and is therefore out for the year.

This could be it for the Yankees and Ellsbury. Through five seasons, the numbers are ugly- .264/.320/.386, 39 homers, 102 steals, and 64% of total possible games played in. All for the “bargain” price of $105-million. Counting his team option which will be declined, the Yankees owe him around $47-million after this season. That’s a big check to write, but it’s hard to see what value Ellsbury would offer as a backup outfielder trying to come back from a serious injury in 2019.

So I suspect the Yankees to write that check, or trade a Ellsbury for a bad contract that is a better positional fit. The real question is, have they learned anything from this? For that answer, we have to wait until the offseason and free agency begins.