DFA Shreve

Reacting to a single game out of 162 in a baseball season is dumb. So please don’t mistake the headline of this post as a reaction to yesterdays loss. Rather, it is an embrace of the reality the Yankees find themselves in. Let me explain.

The bullpen is extended. That wouldn’t be as big a deal if the Yankees were heading to another AL park. But they are not, they are headed to a NL park, without the DH, and they have a starter tomorrow who has made two starts above AA. They also probably have a starting catcher headed for the DL. That actually is a bit of a blessing because it will allow them to recall Gallegos from AAA as an injury replacement without worrying about the ten day rule.

But they will also need another catcher and that’s where Shreve should be sacrificed. His career FIP is 4.88 and it is 5.92 this year. He is way too wild to be trusted in any key spot and since he is out of options, the Yankees can only DFA him. He is the rare lefty who pitches better to righties. But the Yankees have lots of more talented arms available to them. It’s time to turn to those options.

A Big Setback

The Yankee announced today that Jordan Montgomery will have TJ surgery this week. That means he is probably gone until 2020. That also leaves Domingo German in the rotation for now and makes the Yankees need for another starter even greater. The problem of course is that other teams will know that and that means prices have gone up. Brian Cashman may sorely regret not addressing this in the off-season as an overpay looks likely.

On the small victory front, MLB moved the Yankee game back to 1pm on July 8th meaning the Yankees won’t have to play three games in 24 hours. Two more things to highlight the absurdity of this whole mess.

1- By moving the game to 8pm, ESPN ruined the kids run the bases promotion in Toronto. Talk about fan friendly! (It has been reinstated)

2- Angels-Dodgers will take the Yankees-Jays place on July 8th. That’s not only a marquee game with huge stars, but the Angels are off Monday and home Tuesday while the Dodgers have to travel only down the coast to San Diego. How was that not the original choice?

Everyone Should Root For The Yankees (On This Issue At Least)

The Yankees are reportedly considering a boycott of ESPN shows and appearances over a scheduling debate with the network. Let me explain.

The Yankees keep getting games rained out and scheduling make up doubleheaders. One of those added to the schedule was July 9th at 4pm in Baltimore, which the Yankees agreed to since they had a road game at 1pm the day before in Toronto. Enter ESPN which decided it wanted to add the Toronto game to its Sunday Night Baseball package which means the Yankees will play at 8pm and then have to get into Baltimore some time in the middle of the night and play two games on Monday.

Now why should fans of other teams care about this?

First, it is ridiculous that ESPN gets to move games scheduled for 1pm to 8pm. If you bought those tickets thinking you were going to take your young kids to a Sunday afternoon game, you are now out of luck. MLB and ESPN should either end that practice or offer all fans who purchased tickets for a 1pm game that gets moved a refund.

Second, no team should have to play a game on Sunday night and then two more games after traveling the next day. I know that the players get pampered when they travel, but even the best trip takes its toll and the quality of play suffers.

All of this is a ratings grab by ESPN. The All-Star teams are announced on their network at 7pm this same night and since they are expecting a number of Yankees to make it, that should juice the ratings for the show and the game a bit. The funny thing is, Toronto is in Canada and ESPN actively tries to avoid scheduling Toronto because Canadian ratings don’t count for them. So while the Yankees are very popular and play in the biggest US media amrket, they could pick any other game and have two markets where the ratings would count in both markets.

Look, TV calls the shots, that’s not going to change, but common sense should factor in. ESPN and MLB should agree to two simple scheduling rules. First, they won’t move a game to Sunday Night if either team had a doubleheader the next day. Second, they won’t move a game to Sunday night if either team has to fly across the country and play the next day. Throw in a way to compensate ticket holders who purchase games for a set time only to see them moved, and you have a win-win.