Get Off My Lawn!

Cranky old guys are a fact of life. Dealing with them can be a challenge and the Yankees tried and failed repeatedly, in attempting to deal with their cranky old guy, Goose Gossage. They tried to get him to tone down his criticism and comments but he wouldn’t and so they didn’t invite him as a guest instructor this spring. Predictably and sadly, he didn’t handle it well.

These comments are not worthy of much analysis. They are stupid and vile and I hope Gossage reflects on them and apologizes. I get his anger at how the game has changed, closers don’t throw multiple innings anymore on a regular basis. But he ignores some of the changes in the game since he played. Batters can watch hours of video showing every pitch a pitcher has. Statistics are everywhere and hitters know what pitches they are more likely to face in certain situations. It doesn’t mean the game is better than it was in the 70’s, but you simply cannot claim it is easier.

Gossage was great in his day and made the Hall of Fame. It would have been nice if he could have enjoyed that and not felt the need to denigrate a guy like Mariano Rivera. Unfortunately he couldn’t and you can’t blame the Yankees for not wanting a guy like that around this team.

Frazier To The Mets

Todd Frazier has found a way off the sinking free agency boat and inked a two-year deal with the Mets for a bargain price of $8.5-million a year. Back in November, FanGraphs estimated Frazier would receive three years at $4-million per, so this is a steep discount and reflective of the market as a whole.

And if you click on that link, you will see how many big free agents are still out there. Darvish, Martinez, Arrieta, and plenty more. Jon Heyman put together a hypothetical team with all the available players and it’s a pretty good squad.

At this point in the cycle, it is pointless to speculate what will happen with all of these free agents, but logic would suggest that more players will settle like Frazier did and grab the best deal they can get. Pitchers and catchers report next week, Opening Day is 50-days from today. It is not an exaggeration to say time is running out for some of these guys.

What I do suspect is that the Yankees will jump back into the market at some point and get a guy who can help in the infield. Specifically, a guy like Neil Walker or Eduardo Nunez who can play multiple positions, but only on a one-year deal. That would protect them in the event that Andujar or Torres, or both are not ready, and allow them to keep them both in the minors for the first two weeks of season like the Cubs did with Kris Bryant a few years ago. By doing that, the Yankees would get an extra year of club control, a smart move in this economic environment.