The Hall of Fame is…UPDATED

The HOF just announced that…

Chipper Jones
Vladimir Guerrero
Jim Thome
Trevor Hoffman

…made the Hall today.

They will be joined by Jack Morris and Alan Trammell who were elected earlier by the veterans committee

Some random thoughts….

1- How does Billy Wagner barely crack 10% of the vote and Hoffman get in? Wagner had a lower ERA and WHIP. He had more K’s and a winning record compared to Hoffman. Their WAR is almost identical (0.3 difference). But I’m sure the old school guys focused on the save numbers and that was the reason. That’s a shame.

2- Steroids are still a no-no. Clemens and Bonds are stuck in the 50’s and Manny Ramirez and Sammy Sosa lost support.

3- Edgar cracked 70% so he should get in next year. Messina jumped 12% to 63% over all, so keep an eye on him.

4- Chipper got 97% so Mariano still has a chance at the first guy to make 100%.
Chipper actually got a higher percentage than Babe Ruth which tells you that the voting process has been messed up for a long time.

Maybe this will break the free agent logjam?