Marvin Miller Screwed Again

MLB just announced that Allan Trammel and Jack Morris are going into the Hall of Fame. That’s great and rights an injustice, but I can’t understand how Marvin Miller was snubbed again.

Two of the worst commissioners in the game, Bud Selig and Bowie Kuhn are in the HOF. Racists are in the HOF. Steroid users are in the HOF. But the guy who created the modern salary system isn’t. That’s a joke.

At this point the only way Miller gets in is if a player forces the issue. Imagine how quickly Miller would be in if someone like Mariano Rivera refused to participate in the induction ceremonies because Miller wasn’t a member of the Club.

I don’t think any player will ever take that stand and that’s too bad. Miller has to be in the Hall of Fame, or it is simply an exercise in favoritism.