The Yankees and Marlins have apparently agreed on a trade for Giancarlo Stanton. Details are scarce, but it is being reported that Starlin Castro and “low level” prospects will be going back to Miami.

It’s hard to evaluate a trade when you don’t know all the pieces involved, so I won’t attempt to. But there are a few things we can say generally.

1- This trade clearly doesn’t need address a problem. The Yankees already had major righty power in their lineup. They also had a pretty good rightfielder. And I’m not sure that Stanton will automatically waive his no-trade clause when the Yankees can’t play him in right every game.

2- No matter what the final package ends up being, this will be compared to the A-Rod trade. It is worth remembering two things about that trade. Before he opted out, A-Rod was exactly as advertised a killer on the field. The Yankees have no regrets about the first four years of that deal, the mistake was chasing him after he opted out. Stanton can opt out after 2020.

3- South Florida fans deserve better. How does MLB allow an ownership group buy a team they can’t afford to run?

I’ll update or post again as more news comes out.

12PM Update- Stanton is reportedly on his way to NY, so he probably is waiving his no-trade clause.

12:30PM Update- Ken Rosenthal reports the Yankees will assume $265-million of the remaining $295 left on Stanton’s salary.

1PM Update- Joel Sherman reports the trade is Castro, Jorge Guzman, and Jose Denver’s, for Stanton and $30-million, if Stanton doesn’t opt out. Guzman was acquired in the McCann trade while Devers is 18 and has a cousin Red Sox fans may be familiar with. In other words, this is a negligible cost in prospects.

1:10 Update- I’m not sure how the conditional $30-million payment works for the luxury tax, but Stanton costs $25-million towards it while Castro costs about $8.5, so the Yankees add a net of $16.5-million to the 2018 payroll.