Can a Trade be Good and Dumb?

Adding Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees for Starlin Castro and two guys a long ways away from the majors is an insult to baseball. It is ridiculous that the Yankees gave up so little for the reigning MVP and MLB should be ashamed for allowing the new ownership in Miami buy a team that they clearly couldn’t afford. The Marlins have esssnetially given away the face of their franchise for the salary relief it provides them. If the fans of Miami never attend another Marlins game, no one should blame them. No one should ever dare to criticize those fans for whatever support they give in the future. They have been completely betrayed by their ownership.

But while this is an absolute steal talent-wise for the Yankees, it’s not necessarily a smart deal. Here are my three concerns.

1- Can Stanton handle New York? This is the biggest mystery to me in this trade. He grew up in the LA area, so he has seen big media markets up close, but playing in Miami and playing in NY is night and day.

2- Who is in right? Judge is a better outfielder according to advanced stats, so he should stay. Does that mean Stanton is left? And if so, what happens to Gardner?

3-Does this mean financial restraints are done? The amazing thing is that thanks to the way the luxury tax is calculated, this only adds $13.5-million to the payroll for next year meaning they can still easily go below the $197-million threshold. But, it is a ten-year commitment for big money. The Yankees simply can’t go back to that model with multiple players. This contract they can absolutely handle, but it can’t become the norm.

I suspect Brian Cashman looked at it this way. This trade allows him to do two huge things.

1- Add a major name who will sell tickets at a much lower price than someone like Bryce Harper will cost next offseason.

2- Clear a path for their top prospect to hit his way onto the team Opening Day.

We can’t discount either one of those. The Yankees charge premium prices for their seats and they need stars to fill them. Judge looks like one, so does Sanchez, but Stanton already is one. That’s a business consideration you have to factor into this.

Now Gleybar Torres has a clear path to the bigs, but the Yankees also have other choices in Torreyes and Wade starting there if he isn’t ready yet. It also makes me think that the Yankees really like Andujar as his path to third base just became very clear.

So I get their thinking and I see the value, I just don’t agree with the move. I know it’s a steal, but it’s unecessary. We also don’t know if Stanton is ready to handle New York and it is a huge financial commitment to make. Just because something is a bargain doesn’t mean you have to buy it.