The Yankees Are Out on Ohtani!

Multiple reports have come out that Shohei Ohtani’s reps have told the Yankees they are not going to sign their client. In fact, they won’t even meet with the team. From what I am reading, it sounds like his preference is to sign with a west coast team, ideally in a smaller market. That probably means Seattle and San Diego are favorites now.

I am shocked he wouldn’t even want to meet with the Yankees, but this whole process is a mystery. Ohtani is giving up millions by making this move now. Obviously, he has an idea where he wants to go and it is not New York.

UPDATE- Just read more reports that the Twins are out, and it sounds like every team east of Minnesota is out as well. Seattle and San Francisco are said to be finalists, but other teams may be in the mix.

UPDATE 6:38pm- Ken Rosenthal reports the A’s are out too.