According to about every source out there, Aaron Boone is the new Yankee manager.

I don’t get it. He hit an enormous homer. He blew out his knee in a pickup basketball game that led to the A-Rod era. He’s been a pretty good analyst since he retired from playing at ESPN. How does that qualify him for this job?

I don’t think it does and I don’t understand why Brian Cashman would take this risk. It’s like being the owner of a fancy car and handing the keys to a sixteen year-old to take it out for a spin.

But what I think this move shows us is how much the game has changed in the last ten years. Computers make a lot of the decisions managers used to make. Teams don’t hire guys for their baseball instincts, but rather for their ability to use advanced statistics and manage a clubhouse. That doesn’t make this a great choice, but it partially explains it. If you watched Boone on ESPN, he is conversant in advanced statistics and very personable, so he checked those two “New” boxes.

But the fact remains that he has zero coaching experience. The Yankees will enter 2018 with huge expectations and if they get off to a slow start, look out. But beyond that, is Boone ready to spend nine months a year working almost every day and being under a microscope? I’m not sure anyone knows and that is the part of this I don’t get. We may look back on this in a few years as a brilliant move by Cashman, but right now it looks like a huge gamble.