The Final Six

Brian Cashman announced today that the Yankees have finished managerial interviews and that one of the six they have met with will be the next Yankee manager. Let’s go through the candidates.

1-Carlos Beltran- Beltran is a respected leader and former Yankee who personally mentored some of the players in the locker room. But, he has zero experience. i suspect that if he isn’t named manager he will be a coach or member of the organization in some role.

2- Aaron Boone- Another former Yankee with zero experience. I think his chances took a hit this week when his brother inexplicably made fun of the idea of sexual harassment.

3- Hensley Meulens- Another former Yankee with a lot of experience, he has been a coach in various systems for over ten years, the last seven as the hitting coach for the Giants. He speaks five languages, including Japanese, and has one of my favorite nicknames ever, “Bam Bam”.

4- Rob Thompson- The comfortable choice as he has been in the organization for years and was the bench coach.

5- Eric Wedge- Has over 1,600 games of managerial experience, but with a sub-.500 record. I would be shocked if he got the job.

6- Chris Woodward- Was a Yankee for one spring training and has worked as a coach for both Seattle and LA.

I would expect we find out an answer next week before the winter meetings start December 10th.