Brian Cashman came out yesterday and said he hasn’t asked Jacoby Ellsbury to waive his no-trade clause. He also said that the outfield alignment used in the playoffs- Gardner, Hicks, and Judge is going to be the way they go in 2018 but Ellsbury could be a factor at DH depending on what the club does. These two statements don’t add up. Would the Yankees really pay Ellsbury to be a fourth outfielder/ part-time DH?

The answer is no, and these comments are all about painting a realistic picture for Ellsbury while also not damaging his trade value anymore. (Phil Jackson could have used this lesson). The Yankees are making it clear to Jacoby that playing time in NY will be limited and he needs to get on board with the idea of a trade. I suspect the Yankees will gladly subsidize him generously to get him off the roster.

The best time to do that is now. On November 20th clubs have to submit their 40-man rosters for the Rule 5 draft. The Yankees risk losing a lot of talent they don’t have the room to protect, so expect them to make moves in the next few days to clear space. While Ellsbury would be ideal, I could also see guys like Tyler Austin get traded to clear room.