My Offseason Plan

We know Tanaka is back, but beyond that the offseason is a blank canvas. Here’s what I would do if I were in charge.

1- Get Sabathia to come back on a one-year deal. Yes, I think Chance Adams should be in the rotation next year, but I also worry about Severino and Tanaka. Severino pitched over 200 innings this year after never pitching more than 160. Tanaka want great in the regular season, and benefits from extra rest. Bringing CC back for around $12-million makes sense to me. You would have a rotation of Severino, Gray, Tanaka, Sabathia, and Montgomery on paper, but Adams ready to step in when needed.

2- Get rid of Ellsbury. This is complicated by the fact he has a no-trade clause and the Yankees owe him $67-million or so over the next three years, but it is doable. The Yankees can make it clear to him that he is a bench player at best next year, motivating him to waive his no-trade. They can pay 2/3rds of his salary in a trade, motivating another team to acquire him. That helps the Yankees in two ways. They can put Hicks, a much better defender at the very least, in center. And they free up a roster spot.

3- Do not resign Frazier or Holliday. Holliday is obvious, but Frazier had his appeal. He was a great clubhouse guy, played great d, and provided some clutch hitting. But, his position is already covered by Headley in the short term and hopefully Andujar in the long term. The Yankees should not bring back a 31-year old player and clog up the DH spot.

4- Give Chase Headley a first baseman’s glove early and often in spring training. Greg Bird could be awesome, but so far he seems like a huge injury risk. The Yankees took a du,b risk entering this season without a backup first baseman. But Headley showed he could handle the position and with Andujar and Torres healthy, they have other options at third.

5- Don’t touch the bullpen. Robertson stays despite his huge salary. Betances stays despite the concerns about him. Green stays right where he is despite his potential as a starter. This is a huge strength. Don’t mess with it.

6- Kick the tires on Alex Avila. Avila can catch and hit against RHP. If the price is right, he could be a perfect compliment to Gary Sanchez, giving them another offensive weapon behind the plate. He can also fill in at first.

7- Whatever you do, don’t trade anymore prospects and don’t sign any big free agents. The Yankees have plenty of youth on the way and they should easily get under the luxury tax this year. Keeping room for the youth, and staying under the luxury tax should be the motivating forces for the franchise this offseason.