Goodbye Joe UPDATED

In a somewhat stunning move, the Yankees have decided not to keep Joe Girardi as manager. He leaves after ten seasons with 910 wins and a championship.

I find the way this move happened curious. The Yankee season ended Saturday. Girardi was at the Stadium yesterday, but today come word that he is being let go? I think there is more to it than they are telling us.

But that isn’t as important as the actual impact of this move. The Yankees now have to find a manager, after most teams have filled their empty managerial spots, and that person is going to have to step into some big expectations. It’s not unlike 1995 when they pushed out Buck Showalter and brought in Joe Torre. That worked out ok, so let’s not get into a panic yet, but this is a bold move by the club. Girardi was overly defensive with the media and seemed to get tense in big spots, but he never had a losing season and apart from Game 2 of the ALDS, had a great year as manager.

The role of manager has changed dramatically over the past ten years. It’s not about the x’s and o’s anymore. Advanced scouting and data analytics have taken a lot of the decision making power out of a manager’s hands. The biggest thing you need is someone who can handle the clubhouse and keep a team focused and calm.

Who will that be? My initial guess is Rob Thompson, the bench coach, who has been part of the organization in multiple capacities for over 20 years. But, the Yankees will also probably look outside the organization too, and the smart money is to bet on an ex-catcher getting the job.

One last note. This will be the first time the Yankees select a manger without George Steinbrenner calling the shots since Ralph Houk named himself manager in 1966. Considering Steinrenner’s penchant for firing managers, it’s amazing that his last two hires combined to manage more than 3,500 games for the club.

UPDATE- I just realized the Yankees probably made the decision yesterday, but didn’t announce it because of the World Series. Today was an off day, so that’s why we found out.