I Love LA!

I’ve often wondered which team I would have grown up rooting for if I had been born in New York City in the 1940’s. I grew up in Manhattan, so maybe I would have rooted for the Giants? Maybe tHe “Great DiMaggio” as Hemmingway called him, would have swayed me to the Yankees? Or would “The Duke”, Jackie, Peewee and the rest have made me root for Brooklyn? And while I cried when the Dodgers won the 1981 World Series, I never felt anger towards them about it.

So I’m rooting for LA in this series. For one thing, I think it is horrible that Houston is representing the AL. (Nothing to do with the ALCS, I will feel the same way if Milwaukee ever represents the NL in the Fall Classic) But beyond that, the Dodgers appeal to me. If you’ve never been to Dodgers Stadium, you are missing a treat. And as a fan of baseball on the radio. I used my XM radio subscription to tune in Vin Scully in countless nights and let his poetry send me to sleep.

So good luck LA. Let’s see if you can bring home your 7th title.