I have been to a lot of Yankee games in my life. Among them was Game 6 of the 2009 World Series, but I don’t ever think I have seen a crowd like I did tonight. It was loud, so incredibly loud, and the crowd was so into it. I don’t think I sat down from the sixth inning on. We were screaming, stomping our feet, humming “Seven Nation Army” and just willing our team to win. And they did, oh how they did.

When Gurriel laced that bases-clearing double down, the crowd didn’t deflate. When Castro booted his second ball and the Astros went up 4-0, the crowd hung in there. When Judge hit that homer, the place started to shake. (Side note, we all thought Judge had gone insane when his boneheaded running play in the 4th was rescued by replay and he was immediately picked off. We had no idea the Astros were making an appeal play to second, and MLB should do a better job of explaining that to people at the game) From there, the Yankees were rolling.

Give Girardi a lot of credit for removing Sonny Gray when he did, but especially for his managing in the 8th. Pinch-hitting for Romine down 4-2 with a runner on first was bold. That cost them the DH but Girardi doubled down with Ellsbury pinch-running for Headley. Chapman was due up first in the bottom of the ninth.

But it worked and now the Yankees have evened things, but face the duo of Keuchel and Verlander. It won’t be easy, but we should all know to never count these guys out.