Stop It!

What is it that drives us to make silly comparisons. For example, just because the Yankees came back from 0-2 against Cleveland doesn’t mean they will do it against Houston. Even worse, comparing Justin Turner’s homer to Gibson’s.

I get that they happened on the same day, and yes, Turner’s was dramatic. But let’s count the differences.

1- Gibson’s happened in the World Series not the NLCS.

2- Gibson’s home run came with two outs and the Dodgers down a run.

3- Gibson hit his home run off of one of the greatest relievers ever, Dennis Eckersley, not John Lackey.

4- That was Gibson’s only plate appearance in the World Series as he was too hobbled to play again and barely made it around the bases.

I would rank Gibson’s homer as one of the ten greatest in baseball history. Joe Carter winning the World Series, Bobby Thomson (The Giants win the pennant), Bill Mazeroski in 1960, Hank Aaron hitting 715, Fisk in 75, Maris hitting 61, Bucky Dent, it’s in that company. Turner’s was a great moment, but not an immortal one.