Momentum vs Reality

I don’t think the Yankees have a great chance to win this series. I say that for three reasons.

1- Keuchel and Verlander are killers.

2- The Astros have a great lineup that doesn’t strike out. That should neutralize the Yankee bullpen.

3- Up until August, this was clearly the best team in the AL.

So while the Yankees certainly have a chance, I’m not optimistic. I am also dismayed by a couple of decisions they made for the ALCS.

First, the rotation. I can’t argue with Severino and Tanaka in Games 1&2. Severino was their best pitcher all year and Tanaka has been great over the past few months. What I don’t get is CC in Game 3. I get that he would start a potential Game 7, but to me Game 3 is a game where the Yankees want a guy who is going to give them innings and that isn’t CC. I say that because unless it rains, Game 3 will be the first of three games without a day off. The Yankees don’t want to burn up their bullpen in Game 3, but this almost ensures they will.

Second, why keep the roster the same as the one ALDS? Are they really going to use Jordan Montgomery? Why not add a hitter? Wade could help as a pinch runner. Clint could help as a DH.

Put a gun to my head and I predict the Astros in five. I just think they have too much talent. I hope I am wrong.