In terms of Yankee surprises, this one has to be near the top. Beating Cleveland was always a tough task, beating them after falling behind 2-0 was much, much harder. But they did it and now we get to see them in the ALCS versus Houston.

There were so many great moments, but four stand out to me.

1- Tanaka’s start on Sunday. The Yankees needed a pick me up and he gave them seven dominant innings.

2- Bird’s homer Sunday. No explanation needed

3- Kahnle’s six outs on Monday that saved the game. What a big performance from a guy who has been under the radar.

4- Didi turning that DP tonight in the fifth. Yes, he hit two homers in the game, but I would argue that was a bigger moment as he kept things at 3-2 and snuffed out the Cleveland momentum.

What a comeback. Someone please let George Costanza know that plans have changed.