Joe Girardi blew it tonight. He managed the sixth inning like it was the seventh game of the World Series and then he stopped. Let’s reset and look at some really bad choices.

Sabathia stumbled early, but retired 11-straight to enter the sixth and while he walked the lead off hitter, he got the first out after that. He’s at 77 pitches and Girardi selected him to pitch Game 2, how do you pull him with an 8-3 lead?

But the criminal thing is not challenging the HBP with Chisenhall. Girardi said it was because he didn’t want to break the pitchers rythmn, but that’s crap. That was a play where his catcher, the position Girardi played, told him it wasn’t a HBP. That should have been enough for him to challenge the call. Even if it wasn’t, consider the situation. Challenge and you may turn bases loaded with one outs into runners on second and third with two outs, how do you not challenge? (My memory failed me here, the inning would have been over. How the hell does he not challenge!)

I’ll excuse Girardi for leaving Betances in for the end of the game. Options were narrowed by then and Betances is better than anyone else they have. Joe blew this game, and he really did, in the sixth. That’s on him, but it’s up to the team to rally back from 0-2.