Wild Card Roster

The Yankees announced their roster for tonight’s game and it contained one small surprise, CC Sabathia is on it.

There are ten total pitchers- Severino, Gray, Sabathia, Chapman, Betances, Robertson, Green, Kahnle, Shreve and Warren. Sabathia pitched on Saturday, so he isn’t going to give them a lot of length and they have Gray if Severino gets hit hard early. The fact that they chose Sabathia over Tanaka, who has more rest under his belt, makes me think they are going to use Sabathia as to get a lefty on lefty matchup if needed. We shall see.

The 15 batters are pretty much what we thought, but the lineup has one surprise. Hicks is in center and Ellsbury is the DH with Headley on the bench. Full lineup is


That leaves only Judge and Sanchez as consecutive hitters from the same side of the plate. By DH’ing Ellsbury, the Yankees can bring in someone else to hit for him against a lefty in a big spot (Almost certainly Holliday)

Four hours to first pitch, enjoy the game!