A Great Season

The Yankees are going to the wild card game, and the way they are built, might be able to do some serious damage in the postseason. Whatever happens, it’s the cherry on the sundae of a marvelous season. Beyond the success this year, the Yankees have laid the foundation for another successful era.

Start with Aaron Judge who erased all doubts. Yes, he will strike out 200 times, but any team would gladly trade that for 50 homers and 100 walks. He is also a good defender and a humble guy. He will be a lineup mainstay for years to come.

Next go to Gary Sanchez who proved the last two months of 2016 were not a fluke. Yes, he needs to get better blocking balls in the dirt, but that is a small critique for a catcher who shuts down the running game while hitting 30 homers.

Let’s not forget Luis Severino, a guy who will get the ball on opening day next year and hopefully for many years after that. He’s 23 and he had a wonderful season.

A season where you found two cornerstones of your lineup for years to come and an ace for the front of the rotation would be a huge success, but it didn’t stop there. Didi showed he is one of the best shortstops in the game. Greene emerged as a dominant bullpen arm. Hicks showed he can contribute a lot. Montgomery proved he belongs in a big league rotation. Really the only disappointment was Greg Bird, who needs to prove he can stay on the field in 2018.

And there is plenty of more talent on the way. Chance Adams should compete for a rotation spot in 2018. Gleyber Torres is currently the top prospect in baseball. Miguel Andujar torched AA and AAA and the bigs in his only game active. Justus Sheffield, Billy McKinley, and Tyler Wade could all contribute in 2018 as well.

It may end next Tuesday, or it may end long after that, but whenever it ends, it will be remembered as a great season for the Yankees.