The Yankees did a last-minute shuffle of their rotation this weekend that didn’t make sense at first, but does if you think a bit deeper about it. Moving Sonny Grey to Sunday’s gamne while putting CC Sabathia on the mound Tuesday and Jamie Garcia on Monday seemed odd. The Yankees are playing the Twins, their closest pursuers in the wild card, starting Monday and they had their three best starters- Grey, Taanaka, and Severino, lined up to get the ball. And the excuse they used, trying to keep Sabathia off the turf in Toronto didn’t ring true because they have an off day Thursday and six guys who can start. Skipping Sabathia in Toronto wouldn’t have been that hard. So what’s going on?

This is all about Luis Severino. By making this move the Yankees are lining Severino up to get the ball in a wild card game start. He will pitch Friday in Toronto, Wednesday in the Bronx, and then have an extra day off before a Tuesday wild card start. You can’t argue with that logic, he’s been their best pitcher, but it goes deeper than that. As mentioned above, if the season ended today the Yankees would face the Twins in that wild card game. By moving Severino, the Yankees avoid letting the Twins face him two weeks before potentially facing him in the playoffs. In fact, the Twins have never faced Severino, the only AL team not to have done so. It is a bit of a risk because the Yankees haven’t sewn anything up yet, but their playoff odds are almost a lock at this point (Magic number is 8. Angels would have to go 13-0 if Yankees finish 6-7.)

Furthermore, it sets things up for the ALDs if the Yankees make that. Grey is now slated to pitch Saturday in Toronto, and probably would get the ball in a ALDS Game 1. Tanaka would have plenty of rest before an ALDS Game 2 with Severino getting the ball again in Game 3. We’ve still got a few weeks to worry about it and things could always change, but for now that’s the way the Yankees are setting things up.
On a separate note, the Yankees clinched their 25th-straight season with a winning record Saturday. It’s the second-longest streak in baseball history behind the Yankees of 1926-1964. A few facts I find interesting about that bit of trivia.

1- Over half of all losing seasons the Yankees have had since 1926 (9 total) came during Steinbrenner’s tenure.

2- Since 1903, they have had a total of 21 seasons with a losing record. They’ve had 18 seasons with more than 100 wins.