March 29th?

The 2018 schedule is out and the Yankees are opening on March 29th. Has the world gone mad? This is due to the fact that the new CBA adds 4 more off days into the regular season. The Yankees opened on April 2nd this year, so you can see how the 4 days impacts the start of the regular season. I get that the regular season has become a grind and the players wanted more time off, but this is insane. The Yankees open in Toronto, which thankfully has a dome, but teams like the Mets and Tigers will be hosting outside games on March 29th which is a bad idea.

The smart move would be to reduce the number of games in the regular season. Want 4 extra days off? Go to a 158-game schedule. Don’t want to do that, schedule doubleheaders. Problem is, both of those ideas reduce revenues and the owners won’t agree to that. So, we are going to have to get used to baseball being played in March and games getting snowed out.