Not Too Shabby

Yankees-Red Sox will never equal the intensity of 2003-2004 until 2095 at the earliest. 86 years of tortured baseball versus the best team ever can’t be replicated in our lifetime. But, watching Kimbrel overpower Judge last night was a nice reminder of what this rivalry can be. It was like Mariano versus Ortiz, back in the day. We are still going to need more. We need a legitimate debate about which player you would rather have, like the DiMaggio-Williams debate or the Jeter-Nomar one. (Still can’t believe that one happened). We need more games like that one and we need them late in the season. On that point, the schedule maker is not our friend, the last scheduled Yankees-Red Sox tilt is the day before Labor Day.

But, both teams are grooming young stars and their futures look bright. It shouldn’t be long before they are battling each other for AL East supremacy on a yearly basis.