A Trip Through The Standings

Memorial Day is the point in the baseball season where I start to pay attention to the standings. We’re about 1/3rd of the way through the season and you can start to draw some conclusions. Let’s take a walk through the six divisions.

AL East-
If you expected the Yankees to lead the division by three games and be on pace for 100 wins at this point of the season, you are way ahead of me. I still don’t buy the starting pitching and I don’t see how Castro or Hicks will hit like this the rest of the way, but I just hope the rest of the season is as fun as the first part. I can’t ask for anything more.

Boston is right about where I thought it would be while Toronto is scuffling much more than I thought possible. It will be interesting to see if the Blue Jays can climb back into the race.

AL Central-
I think the biggest surprise in baseball has to be the Twins. 26-20 and in first, wow. I don’t think it will last much longer as Cleveland is right there, but it would be fun to see Minnesota in contention the rest of the way.

AL West-
I picked Houston as the best team in the AL in my preview post and they have been so far. Amazingly, they have a 10-1/2 game lead in the division and are on pace to win 111 games. They will cool off, but this could be a pretty fun summer in Houston as I don’t see which team in the West could even mount a threat to them at this point.

One other note, Oakland may be the worst defensive team I have seen. They kicked the ball all over Yankee Stadium this past weekend. Yuck.

NL East-
Washington is what I thought it was while the Mets are probably the biggest disappointment in baseball. Can they rebound from a 21-27 start? Signs don’t look promising, but plenty of baseball left.

NL Central-
The second biggest surprise in baseball is the Brewers leading the Central at this point. Thames has been the star, but how about Travis Shaw? The bigger question is when do the Cubs shake off their post-championship hangover and start playing up to their ability?

NL West-
Colorado is another surprise, but the Dodgers are right there and should wrest away the division. Next to the Mets, the implosion of the Giants has to be the biggest disappointment so far.

Some other thoughts
Billy Hamilton is on pace to steal 92 bases. That would be the most in baseball since 1988 when Rickey Henderson stole 93.

Six players are on pace for 50-plus homers so far. There have not been multiple 50-homer guys since 2007.

Four players are on pace for 250-plus strikeouts. The single season “record” is 223 by Mark Reynolds in 2009