The A-Rod Press Conference

A few minutes before the start and nothing has leaked. The only possible hint of what might be coming is the news that Tyler Austin isn’t in the Scranton lineup today. If Alex as being removed from the roster, Austin would make a lot of sense as his replacement. I’ll update as events progress

11:01- Jack Curry who usually has a great read on the inner workings of the team says this is going to be some form of good-bye but he expects Alex to stay in an advisory capacity

11:02-The Yankees have scooped themselves, issuing a press release stating that Alex will play his final game on August 12th and then become a special advisor to the club through 2017

11:04- Alex will be reporting directly to Hal Steinbrenner under his advisory contract

11:05- Alex can barely speak while holding back the tears.

11:08- Choking up multiple times, A-Rod thanks a number of people

11:10-Hal apparently reached out to A-Rod to facilitate this

Reading between the lines Hal gave A-Rod a choice: do this or we will cut you

11:14- Alex asked Hal for the chance to play one last game in front of the fans and his family

11:24- Alex has been told he will have a few at bats on Friday, but nothing has been guaranteed beyond that

11:28- Cashman says he wasn’t part of the conversation in regards to this deal.

11:33- Cashman says Alex will get everything he is owed money wise.