Deadline Blog

2:55- We kick things off early with news that the Yankees and Rangers are close on a Beltran deal.

3:00- Word is Dillion Tate, #4 overall pick last year will be part of the trade

3:02- Rangers will apparently trade Joey Gallo to Brewers for Lucroy

3:03- Tate plus 2 more players reportedly heading to NY

3:04- Tate injured his hamstring in April and hasn’t shown the velocity he had last year, but this would be a great return for Beltran

3:07- Jay Bruce is going to the Mets if the Reds agree on the medicals

3:10- Joel Sherman raises the question of if the Beltran deal goes through do the Yankees bring Sanchez up and use him and McCann as DH/C?

3:16- Joel Sherman reporting that Yankees are working on a Nova trade

3:18- Nick Cafardo reporting that what the Red Sox have offered hasn’t interested Chicago much in regards to Chris Sale

3:22- Mets trying to get Bruce and Lucroy

3:26- Joel Sherman reporting that Ben Gamel will fill Beltrans roster spot if trade happens

3:28- Buster Olney reports Mets are out on Lucroy

3:30- Pirates interested in Nova according to Rosenthal

3:31- Jack Curry reports Yankees getting Tate, Eric Swanson and Nick Green for Beltran

3:34- Joel Sherman confirms Curry’s report and adds that Mets trade for Bruce is going through

3:38- Ken Rosenthal reporting Jessie Chavez going from Toronto to LA

3:40- Rangers apparently going “hard” after Lucroy according to multiple sources

3:42- Yankees have announced Beltran trade

3:45- Olney reports Yankees are talking to multiple teams about Nova

3:47- Rosenthal reports Lucroy is headed to Texas

3:50- Chad Jennings reports that Gamel is on Yankees active roster

3:53- Jeff Passan says Joey Gallo is not in deal for Lucroy

3:57- Rangers getting Jeffress in Lucroy deal too.

3:59- Nova to the Pirates per Jon Heyman

4:02- Matt Moore to Giants per Joel Sherman

4:10- Chris Sale staying put according to Heyman

4:13-Everything is quiet, could it all be over?

4:20- Nova trade is for infamous PTBNL. Not a shock

4:28-That’s a wrap. Remember trades can still happen, but guys need to pass through wavers first. That means Yankees still could sell some of their big contracts. I’ll add a post later recapping it all.