At The Break

Yesterday’s game was the perfect metaphor for me in regards to the season so far. The Yankees looked great at times, they looked terrible at times, and it wasn’t overly enjoyable. But, the Yankees won and hit the break at 44-44, 7.5 behind the Orioles, and 5.5 out of a wild card spot. That really doesn’t tell the full story though. For one thing, they are 10th in the AL in wins, so 9 teams are better than them. For another, their run differential sits at -34, and even that may be overstating their performance as advanced stats suggest it should be worse with the Yankees record about three-games below .500. 

Most prediction sites give the Yankees around an 8% chance of even making the playoffs, so hopefully this past weekend’s burst of success will not distract ownership from what they need to do- sell, sell, sell. The danger is that the Yankees could come out of the break and take say four-of-six from the Red Sox and Orioles. That would make the sell case a much harder one to implement. I will try to outline my plan for selling and going forward in the next few days.