What’s The Rush?

There seems to be this sudden urge amongst the fan base and the columnists in the New York area for the Yankees to trade everyone and anyone to cash it in and look to next season. I get it, this season does not look like a promising one. But, I still wouldn’t do it.

Now let me be clear. I think there is probably about a 0.5 percent chance the Yankees somehow win the World Series this year. I think there is only a slightly higher chance they make a significant run in the playoffs. But, the standings tell me they are only four games out of a playoff spot and the calendar tells me it is only June, so I wouldn’t sell just yet.

Now if a team wants to overwhelm the Yankees with prospects for the likes of Beltran or Chapman right now, I would jump at that, but barring that type of offer, what is the harm in waiting until we are close to the trade deadline? That may actually increase the value of the some of these players as desperate teams make stupid moves.

What I would do now is make sure that I don’t disrupt the future in any way. No trades to try to upgrade this flawed team first of all, but more than that I would look to maximize the future assets and minimize some of the ones heading out the door.

First, why is Ivan Nova in the rotation at the expense of Severino? Nova is a free agent after this season and has an ERA over 5 and a FIP just under 5. He is the past, Severino is the future, bring him up and let him learn to pitch in the bigs.

Second, until Teixeira returns, Refsnyder is the first baseman, and after that he gets to play a utility role around the diamond so the Yankees can see what his bat can do.

Third, when/if Teixeira returns you play him as much as possible to see if you can find anyone to trade for him, or if he will hit enough to make a qualifying offer, and therefore a draft pick, a good idea. But, if he keeps going the way he was going previously, you start phasing him out in August.

Finally, you minimize A-Rod at DH and put Beltran in there more frequently. That will allow the Yankees to see Hicks more, and decide what he is, 4th outfielder or potential starter, and protect Beltran as potential trade bait in July.

And here’s the most important thing. If they do go the sell route, they need to do it right. That means not trying to compete next year, but solidifying a decent prospect base with plenty of more assets and looking to 2018 as a realistic timeframe to compete again. But more on that later.