I won’t argue that the Yankees have a long way to go. They are still four games under .500 and buried in the AL East. But make no mistake, they sent a message with this homestead. Winning series against Boston, Kansas City, and Chicago, is no easy feat, and neither is a 7-3 homestead.  Coming home with a 9-17 record, The Yankees had to rise to the occasion, and they did.

How did they do it? Much better offense and great bullpen work. In fact, while the offense was the chief worry coming into this homestead, I would suggest the rotation is the biggest one leaving it. Tanaka hasn’t looked great the last two times out, and he had been their only consistent starter.  Sabathia and Severino are on the DL, while Pineda looks completely lost. Chad Green will make his MLB-debut tomorrow and the Yankees will have to cross their fingers that he can give them some innings.

Now they head onto the road for seven games, return home for three games, and then head on the road for eight more. It’s part of an overall stretch where the Yankees are going to play 40 games in 41 days from May 2nd to June 12th, thanks to the earlier rain out in Detroit. That will test their depth and their resolve. One challenge down, plenty still to come.