Knuckling Under

Is it me, or do you also expect the Yankees to lose anytime they face a knuckleballer?  Granted, it doesn’t happen often, but it has seemed to stymie them every time this century. (Ok, they did hit Wakefield occasionally, but you get the idea.) What you have to hope is that tonight didn’t get them too much out of sync for the rest of this homestead.

You can never ask a team to sweep, so the Yankees have to be happy with this weekend’s result. Tomorrow brings a fresh challenge with the champs, Kansas City, in for four games. The Yankees get Chapman back from his suspension tomorrow as well which will make things really interesting.

I don’t know how the Yankees will use Chapman, but I hope they don’t decide that they need to use him in the 9th, Miller in the 8th, and Betances in the 7th. That makes sense in the playoffs, but for now I would much prefer they look at this as an opportunity to have two guys available every night to pitch the 8th and 9th.  The Yankees could certainly close down the final three innings of a game, but wouldn’t it be much more powerful to consistently close down the 8th and 9th? I think so.