Swisher Time?-UPDATED

I get the impulse to bury the Yankees, they look awful, but 8-16 is hardly a death sentence. However, they need to change things up and A-Rod’s injury last night gives them that opportunity. Assuming he is headed to the DL, which it certainly seemed like in the postgame, why not callup Nick Swisher and see what he can do for this club?

We know he will bring energy and positivity, two things the Yankees could sorely use right now. He is a switch-hitter which could help. And while a few weeks in Scranton isn’t enough to convince me he has turned back the clock, he is hitting there. He has played mostly first, but also a game in right field, and could do fill in there while primarily DH’ing in New York. Getting him on the 25-man would be easy, Greg Bird can be moved to the 60-day DL.

And I think it makes a lot more sense that calling up either Refsnyder or Judge. Those guys would be put into a pressure cooker that could seriously hurt their development. Swisher knows the drill and is looking for one last shot at the bigs. If A-Rod is DL-bound, let’s go with Swish.

UPDATE 5:45PM- A-Rod is indeed on the DL, but in the most Yankee-move possible, they have decided once again to go with 13 pitchers. That leaves a bench with three players on it and one of them is the backup catcher. Considering the off-day Monday and the fact that the Yankees only needed 2 innings from the bullpen last night, it is an extra strange move, unless you want to read it as a vote of no confidence in tonight’s starter- Sabathia. Assuming that is the case, I would expect a pitcher to be demoted tomorrow.