Can A Yankee Fan Root For The Mets?

It fascinates me how Mets fans, at their greatest moment in years, are now turning to worry about what Yankee fans are doing. The generally consensus is that Yankee fans should not be allowed to root for the Mets. Here is a fairly incredible quote from an article in the New York Times the other day:

At Union Grounds in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, where the Mets’ march to victory blared from three walls of TVs, Jamie Meyer, 31, a film editor, used a drastic metaphor to make his point. 

“It’s like postwar Germany,” he said. “ ‘Yes, I was a member of the Nazi Party during the war. But sure, I’ll come over to your house.’ No, you can’t. Some really horrible things have happened.”

Two things about that. First, it isn’t. Don’t ever compare anything to the Nazis other than other Nazis. And second, as a resident of Carroll Gardens, we really need another sports bar. Just a note to any local business people out there.

Clearly, that isn’t a reasonable argument, but the sentiment isn’t that different from what most Mets fans have expressed- they don’t want us rooting for their team.

Well here’s the thing, you don’t have a choice, and I will give you three arguments for why Yankees fans should root for the Mets next week.

1-They have a NY on the front of their hats. Now, if you are a Yankee fan in California, stop reading, but if you are a local person, you should root for the city and the Mets are now the best representatives of the city. Yogi Berra once said that he rooted for the Mets to win every game they played unless they were playing the Yankees. That’s a good way of looking at it because this is not a rivalry. Until interleague play, the Mets and Yankees only played exhibition games. Yes, they now play six games against each other every year, but neither one is going to stop the other from winning a title unless they are both in the World Series. That’s very different from the bitter triangle of Rangers-Islanders-Devils hockey or Nets-Knicks basketball. It’s even different from the NFL where the Jets actually beat the Giants in 1988 and prevented them from making the playoffs.

2- As a Yankees fan you simply cannot root for Kansas City or Toronto. Younger Yankee fans don’t get this, but the Royals-Yankees once was the bitterest of rivalries. In fact, it is still the most-frequent ALCS matchup since the series started in 1969. These teams really didn’t like each other and fought a lot, and in playoff games. For example, this makes anything that happened in the Texas-Toronto playoff series look tame.

3- As a sports fan in general, you root for a great story, and the Mets are a great story. In late July they were one-game over .500 and they couldn’t hit worth a lick. They then went and traded for Cespedes, who hit 17 homers in 57 games, and stormed to the NL East crown. They have the hottest hitter maybe ever in Daniel Murphy, and some really great young pitchers in Harvey, deGrom, and Syndergaard. They also have two guys who you simply can’t root against, David Wright and Curtis Granderson. It’s a fun collection and a team worthy of a title.

So, while I may not be welcomed, I will be rooting for the Mets next week.