Is The Pressure Building?

You can picture the storm that would be raging through the offices on River and 161st, if George Steinbrenner were alive this morning. With the Mets in the World Series and the Yankees sitting at home, no one would be safe from an eruption. Big trades would be in the works and the checkbook would be warming up for the start of free agency.But, George isn’t here, and his successor, Hal, is a very different person than his father. Based on what we have seen of him to far, he doesn’t seem likely to go “George” in response to the Mets’ success.

But, his DNA is clearly Steinbrenner, and he has a team in his very own backyard stealing his spotlight. The Yankees clearly have holes to fill and there will be some very good free agents available in the offseason. I don’t think we are at that point yet, but if the Mets can win four more games, things are going to get very interesting in the Bronx.