The Realities Of The Payroll And Lineup

The papers are full of solutions for the Yankees’ problems today. Sign Cespedes. Sign a big bat, get more right-handed hitters. Those seem to be the main thoughts. The problem is, they ignore the reality of the Yankees current situation.

If you look at the team as a whole, they have three free agents this upcoming offseason- Capuano, Drew, and Young. I certainly wouldn’t expect the first two back next year, and Young may want to turn this season into a starting job, something the Yankees cannot offer. But that also means that apart from Young, who was a part-timer, the entire starting lineup is under contract for next year, so where would you play a big bat?

Add in this, the payroll currently stands at 184-million. That’s before you address the 9 arbitration-eligible Yankees (Bailey, Santos, Eovaldi, Nova, Pineda, Warren, Ackley, Wilson, Gregarious) MLB Trade Rumors, who are pretty good at this thing, project all of them to earn 24.5-million collectively pushing the payroll to almost $210-milliion. So how are you going to pay a big bat?

So I wouldn’t expect the Yankees to charge aggressively into the free agent market. They are at least a year away from that. After 2016, the payroll starts to drop dramatically. What I would expect is for the Yankees to be aggressive on the trade market. We will start unpacking what that could mean tomorrow.