Now What?

The last two night’s have been bad, but last night’s start by Michael Pineda is a real problem because it once again exposes the complete schizophrenia of Pineda’s starts.

Pineda has made 26 starts this year. He is 12-9. Consider these numbers.

In his 12 wins, he has an ERA of 1.96

In his 9 losses, he has an ERA of 8.27

In his 5 no-decisions he has an ERA of 3.60

So based on his 2015 season so far, there is about a 1/3 chance that he will be absolutely destroyed on the mound like he was last night.

Now, here is the problem for the Yankees. If Pineda is getting the ball in a potential Game 1 of the ALDS, last night was his last start of the regular season. If you are Joe Girardi, do you really want to do that? I wouldn’t, and the means you probably start Pineda on Sunday. That in turn means you need a different guy to start that Game 1. Who is that? Ugh.


Of course, the Yankees still have some work to do before any of that matters. They still need to clinch a wild card spot and win a wild card game. That is going to be made harder by the weather this upcoming week and weekend here in NY and Baltimore. In short, it is going to be wet. Possibly incredibly wet. I heard a weatherman say this morning that the sun will come out again next week.

It looks like tonight’s game should be playable. Tomorrow’s may be in trouble, and this weekend in Baltimore could be a total washout. You have to play all 162, so we could be in for a long, long, weekend of rain delays, game time changes, and doubleheaders. Just what you want as you try to clinch a playoff spot.